Friday, November 16, 2012

I just ate half a donut...

Hello fellow and future health nuts and exercise gurus! That's right, we'll all soon be health nuts and exercise gurus!!!

I thought it might be helpful, while also making me accountable, to state my goals for the following weeks:

  • I will work out 5 days a week, either running, doing yoga, or going for extra long walks.
  • I will STOP eating bad foods in the office, i.e. donuts, cookies, cake, candy, etc.
(I really want to add that I'll only use the stairs, but I might fail since we're now on the 7th floor...) 
  • OH F*** IT! I will only ever take the stairs at work. :/

And that's it for now. Let's work it people!



  1. Wow! I like it! That's a bunch of stuff. I respect the commitment to the stairs. Fantastic.

  2. I need to stop eating bad foods during work too! Lemme know if you discover any's hard when you're surrounded by elements of cookie dough...